Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Laughing away to grandness

It was a simple programme with 12 participants, at a local school titled as 'grand master", conducted by Swami Atma, a pharmacist who had worked with Astra.

we started the programme at 9. 30  am with self introduction and getting relaxed with mind and body movements of exercise.

It went on with asanas, where one person showed surya namaskaram, and how it can be done with ease and breath relations, and not to be done as an exercise.

Laughter , sharing hearts , touching centres to increase our creative capacities, which they say we use is such small percentage of our capabilities,were part of the programme.

Followed of course with dance with background music  called as Bhairavi.

We had house wives, college students and some in soft ware companies taking part  and us as volunteers.

Lunch was got from Ananda Bhavan.

One person's feed back was, lost himself with past and future , with awareness of the present.

May be that is what meditation is all about , strong steps for Ellampillai.

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