Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Body of Lies [ * * ]

I've grown to dislike the vacuous DiCaprio and Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott. None of them seem to get anything right beyond empty posing. Guys, you really ought to try living a real life before you make movies. ;(Leo, try to feel ... something, k? Or else empty male lives comes through and we know that you've run away from dealing with emotional choice. Sometimes I wonder how much more mature Hollywood would have been if it was alcohol, drug and tobacco-free - the three great escapes.:)

That said, there wasn't a plot to begin with, so these bimbas can't be blamed for alternately overacting and underacting scenes.

There was a handsome devil playing Jordanian cop (Mark Strong) who kinda made it worth watching. For the guys the charming woman cast as a nurse (Golshifteh Farahani) would have made it worth a while (not quite 'worthwhile':). It's altogether worth a miss. lol! Don't waste your time seeing it - just read the more educational Time review.

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