Sunday, 19 October 2008

Stuck at home with no range ;(

It's been raining too much for me. My bike's broken down on the street and I had to abandon it. It's too much effort to get to the movie (theatre) - but I've been watching Disney Classics at home.

The creativity in them is mind-blowing - I often wonder if we'll ever see the same quality again as in Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White or Bambi, or even those that aren't so well remembered like Lady and the Scamp or Basil of Baker Street. They're really masterpieces of music, colour and idea. These days they seem to be simplifying and masculinizing the stories to Bush standards. ;s

I just saw Home on the Range. It was an unusual feminist theme (for Disney) with a woman rancher and her 3 cows who capture a yodelling cattle rustler - beating a bunch of male chauvinists to it too.:) I'd give it five stars just for being ... modern in a texan way towards acknowledging womanpower. Maybe a generation of kids will learn to live with self-empowered women.

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