Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hello [* * *]

Ok, I broke through my revulsion and saw a hindi movie again: Hello which is based on One Night @ a Call Center.

I can't say I'm really impressed, but it was watchable (probably because the bollywood scenes stuck out like a sore thumb - somehow the moviemaker just _couldn't make them fit in_!! haha. I must say the ballet dancing to a thundering hiphop beat was surprisingly good, even if outre.:)

I really hate Salman Khan, so I've got nothing to say about his fat face, but he really didn't have a role, so it's ok. The movie dragged on a bit in a text-heavy fashion, so you could see it's bookish origins, and the excess of masala sat like mascara, so alien to the skin below.

That's it. Oh, I forgot to give it points. 3
Entertainment was fair, Ethics were mostly good (except when one of the guys breaks an advertising billboard and they giggle - very dumb male blonde equivalent).

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venkhat said...

Most of the booked movies are a bunk,as it is difficult to bring on a situation to make the movie goer see the stage on a movie screen, which one reads.
I wonder how they got on the god speaking scene , and the emotions of the girls at the rest rooms.
The stupidity of the american public is another i like to see when they talk to an intellegent easterner.