Thursday, 30 October 2008

Reviewing reviews

I met a 20+ at the movies. The first thing she said was, "So ... you must be prejudiced?" when I said I reviewed movies. Yes, if 'prejudice' is the only word she has for 'opinion'. (I mentioned the reviews as my excuse for watching movies alone and so many of them. If she'd been on the blog I'd have mentioned movies as my excuse for blogging. I'm flexible about interpretation.)

I see no particular threat to my freedom to hold strong and definite opinion as a woman: If she'd shown more curiosity rather than a desire to slot, I'd have said that I just like movies, I have opinions and I hold my opinion of the movie up for peer review when I blog about them.

That's all there is to critical thinking: opinion that builds on a flexible (and strong) foundation of values.

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