Friday, 24 October 2008

Flashbacks of a Fool [* * * *]

I'm surprised this movie even made it through the censors in India. It was based on the same edgy art deco style as tv or a 60s lifestyle movie.

An aging actor goes back to his hometown and we see the path he chooses that takes him from being a sweet young boy to a jaded cynic, some in his control, some out of his hands.

The actor was reasonably good-looking (and faded men are so romantic) and very gay (and how I love gay men!:) so well worth a watch for me.

I dislike this style of film-making though for complex reasons - most esp. the unfinished nature of the storytelling. It's like they keep forcing you to finish their sentences - I hate this kind of affectation in girls, hate it worse in men, and most of all when it's premeditated!

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