Friday, 3 October 2008

Droning on with Drona [* * *]

Rating: 3/10
Entertainment value: 5/10 (if you're under 12 or have the IQ of a minkey)
Ethics: 8/10 (because it's got the right idea - we should be using our own mythology to make movies]

Yes, it was so bad. Boring. Made me wonder why I was at Rex watching the movie instead of shopping in Viva in Mota Arcade next door (they had a festival offer of 2 for 299/- on jeans and casuals ... how much better to have spent 3 hours there!;]. To get completely side-tracked, the parking attendant at Rex has the same idea. He demands Rs. 10 if you want to watch a movie there and Rs. 5 if you want to go shopping elsewhere!! grrrr.... lol!)

But ... under the total wasteful staccato drone of the movie, esp the unnecessary use of digitized fantasy (an inexplicable trend ... are they pandering to some politician invested in those studios?) ... there was the underlying mind which was sound.

The creator's vision was brilliant - of using the story of Drona and the myth of Immortal Nectar in a modern setting. We really could use more story ideas from him - jez plz sum1 aks hym nt 2 mek a movie - hez 2 yng!! :(

Some reviews are giving it a lower rating (just so you know I've been kind.:)
Indicine -1/2*: "Strictly avoid"
- * *: "Overall, Drona could easily be placed a notch or two below some of the worst movies I have ever seen. I would never advice anyone to waste one's hard earned money to see this senseless film.- Alok Hisaria (SAMPURN)" <--- Har!Har!Har!

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