Monday, 27 October 2008

How scarred are you by images?

Were you traumatized as a kid with entertainment-gone-wrong and unable to express it?

Ha ha!:) ... lol, you're among friends.
The 10 Best Animated Movies for Traumatizing Kids is a critic's treat for a sensitive adult who remembers the inarticulate suffering of childhood!

When I was a child I ran out of the 'free movie treat' in the school auditorium and didn't watch Bambi until I was 40. I wasn't sure I could handle the hunters' killing Bambi's mom and then his dad.;(Cried buckets last year when I finally saw it.)

This is true for so many movies I'd rather not see, like Shindler's List, because they represent too much trauma - I can't bear movies about Nazis and WW2. There is vivid imagery associated with ethnic cleansing from that weirdly modern-savage, unethical, mind-game-of-a-war (I even have past-life memories of being a really frightened nazi myself! I guess there were wusses like me back then, too afraid to do the right thing. Not any more - Speak up for what's right!:)

Remember when you were too afraid to tell your dad you were shell-shocked by the cruelty of a circus? It took me months to recover from his cheery ignorance/ignoring of animal suffering. (kids have to learn desensitized living to become tolerant of casual cruelty.) He didn't communicate enough for us to refuse to go with him either - I dreaded the arrival of Gemini Circus in the city ... I'd walk to school with knots in my stomach when I passed the posters on walls. I wished Mr. Gemini, his kith and kin, dead before my dad saw them. (So very glad circuses are banned today!!!!)

Don't miss the ... lol ... review of Jessica Rabbit and the magical racoon solution to getting rid of builders. Japanese tankui exists!!:D

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venkhat said...

We have never taken our child to a circus yet.
once we were at a temple and my child then 1 yr and 5 months was weeping beyond control,he was quiet till a few months earlier. one elderly person asked why ?/
i said he has noticed a temple elephant chained to the wall and that was the reason.
we still have the animal training beggars parading the elephants and bears, and i fight with them, at my village.