Saturday, 31 July 2010

A breakfast treat under a tree

It was one of those lazy week ends, and the kid was willing to come with us on a picnic.

We got our dirty clothes ready for a wash, and clean garments for a change, packed and moved the 3 kms journey on a two wheeler.

The morning breeze was welcoming and we reached our spring well, there were just a few having a bath.

We got a bucket to draw the water which is at a depth of 6 feet, cool spring water can be so refreshing.

It is at such times when kids behave as adults and adults behave kiddish, it was fun splashing the water and trading our soiled dirty garments with trashes on the stone floor with soap.

We then had our bath drawing umpteen number of buckets of water, and no amount seem to satisfy the heart and the body.

We dried ourselves and moved to the shade of a large tree, here were two ladies preparing breakfast for the hungry bathers, it was a, ‘hold your plate while u relish” style of an eating joint.

The menu was paniyarams and chutney and sambar, we enjoyed the simple dish made with firewood and stone hollow pan.

We did have an occasional monkey as a company,but which were kept at bay by the strong stick of the lady vendor.

The cool breeze and the lazy morning, and the filling breakfast was a great combination for these words to flow.

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