Friday, 16 July 2010

Friendly Garlic awaits your crush

The fair curvaceous garlic is a kitchen medic, its anti bacterial,anti fungal and anti malignant qualities are being realized now.

The usage is many from the tamarind rasam to the compulsory masala paste for the many spicy dishes of the south Indian cuisine.

Our ancestors knew the qualities of this medicinal clove, and the best way to bring out its hidden properties that they passed on the secrets through dishes and recipes, which the modern world is now becoming aware of.

I had a chance to read about this garlic in a Readers Digest volume, and how the crushing of garlic helps to form allicin by bringing alliin with allinase enzyme together, which is best when fresh and has tremendous potentials for the welfare of the human body.

I was struck how our women folk always crushed the garlic when adding it to our dish preparations, a tradition that has been passed on for generations, the ubiquitous crushing stone is part of the kitchen, and it would be a scare to a guest of another part of the world, unaware of our methods.

Like with many things, it is a crush that brings out the best.

Wish u all health with Garlic, and may the crush on You and Garlic continue.

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Yoda said...

"Let food be your medicine", said Hippocrates.:)