Saturday, 31 July 2010


The spherical sathukudi which rhymes well with toothukudi and tookikudi can be so nice when fresh and colourful.

A bowl of fresh ones can be so well arranged that even the most fruit avoiders can be tempted with one.

It was a gift from my- in laws to my lady who packed away some for me, I sat on the wooden bench at the garden, quietly peeling away the skin and the creamish layer of the fruit.

It was full of juice and I releashed each clove of the fruit, only spitting away the seeds.

Many enjoy it squashed, and with added sweetners, for me it is neat and hand work that brings on the full glory of natural fruity finish.

I shared it with my dad who already had one earlier, a shared fruit is more tastier, wonder where that added flavour gets in!


mok 11852206222016240633 said...

Very good geometric pattern they make, like seeing the cells thro microscope ,,,
and, ALL shades of green, just complementing the blogsite border,
after the mkt blogs of charts tables, this ... a "sathukudi" refresher ...

Yoda said...

yeah, mok, its always refreshing to read venkhat after the hectic blogs we usually frequent.:)

Lately I've been reading about the number of vitamins in the whites of the citrus skins to prevent bruising and scars.

venkhat said...

There are certain moments, call it what u will, but closeness with those who can hear and feel u, this is one such time, when i re-read some comments and articles.
one of my colleagues who comes for a rural society meeting says he prefers his patients use the thin separating membrane that is there between the seeds of the pomegranates, they help tremendously to heal wounds, he is a novel orthopedic surgeon with innovative skills, sharing tricks at international level.