Saturday, 31 July 2010

Obama wins Arizona looses

Judge Susan Bolton, halted with a ruling that police could not stop and check those who are suspected looking illegal immigrants, in the state of Arizona.

Cops are clowns then with this ruling, they might as well sit and have a cup of coffee with the illegal ones, and help pay tax for their benefits too.

If there was an election and the Mexicans were allowed to canvas for the American president, Obama will win again hands down, with support of illegal Mexicans.

The American president is a kind hearted benevolent human who cares not only for his country, but also of the neighbors, and their welfare.

God save the border states and their revenues.


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

venkhat said...

beautiful blog?? i dont fall for such words, the judge needs to be more critical, and commentative on the article

please visit mine- i dont see a reason , and the please does sound different.

thanks and god bless--- well sorry to be hurting, u have nothing to offer my taste and my curiosity, if u do bring out the creativity.

mok 11852206222016240633 said...

wild west mindset has never changed there, :)
now to see which will have longterm effect - new president new acceptances, or old schools older lobbies oldest social equaations ...
... nice bit on the spam too :D
have a nice weekend, Venkat

mok 11852206222016240633 said...


Yoda said...

haha, I think bloggers only visit to advertise their own, whatever their flattery. Not very different from real life, I guess. Good retort, venkhat.:)

Re: illegal immigrants, the US economy has always depended on them to do the work americans won't do - sweep streets, pick up garbage, be janitors. I think its good the harassment stops and they acknowledge that fact.

venkhat said...

thanks Yoda, for letting me be myself with honesty.
flattery is for those who haven't seen their own self and wont.