Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sound of silence

In this age of noisy entertainments, the natural sounds of birds and the breeze are becoming deaf to our human ears.

Our ears and mind are more tuned to other musical sounds, that a day may soon come when a mother will not be able to tune to her child’s moan and gurgling sweetness.

Every day is a schedule for doing things for others, that we are not able to fund and find a few minutes for ourselves,with out a way of escaping from reality, that to say “I lived a few minutes today for myself “ is a rarity.

Silence is too deep and cleansing, and one moment it sounds to have a music of its own, that is too captivating and magnetic and seems there is a maestro with a baton who waves the tunes if we have the ears to listen.

May we be blessed to listen to the sound of silence.

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