Sunday, 4 July 2010

Expired vaccines

It is better if the vaccines get expired than the expiry of those who receive them.

I hope the expired vaccines do not get sent off to third world countries as a gestures of kindess and a present, with different labels to be used .

70 million of the swine flu vaccine doses in the United States health department goes to incineration, and the money from the sales of them goes around to those who promoted them.

It will happen again, but with different tactics.

For those in the health care profession, there are lots to recall, as to which side we are in this charade.

Promote the vaccines in the next game, or get to dig deep to find the way of truth to know if it is for the health of the people of the world, or the wealth of the few shy unknown folks.

There are just too many paths down this rabbit hole.Who is willing to go on a hunt, certainly not the executives from W H O, it can be scary and enlightening, coming?

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