Wednesday, 14 July 2010

From avasthais (difficulties) to liberation

It was a no moon day, and the Master was welcomed with a pot of water to wash his soft feet, and flowers and Namasthe from the heart.

It was a simple gathering of 20 people ranging from 25 years to 65 years

It was a work shop like the master said on Yoga and Meditation.

It was arranged at a wedding hall close to a temple, with simple facilities, and a carpet of cotton material to squat.

It started with a simple question as to what the following who had gathered wanted, most of the replies were they wanted to know and learn about yoga and meditation.

I liked the way the master handled it, that he was willing to teach and explain, but will the folks who had questioned practice it?I was caught in my tummy with this request.

The theory and meditations were interlaced with enough freedom for questions and interactions, that it did not seem as if there was any feeling of restrictions on any one.

We found ourselves suddenly swinging arms and rotating hips and later sitting cross-legged, other times moving through the evolutionary game and swaying like the tree in a breeze, buzzing like a bee or yelling out like a doggy to find our selves as humans with compassion.

The other techniques were like an inner bath with no soaps, but a shower from the divine cloud.

All in all it was a temptation to move with the light that has lit the way, to the lessons we need to learn in this mystic university which offers no degrees, but garlands one with fragrance of maturity of understanding the mysteriousness of Mother Nature.

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