Sunday, 18 July 2010

Karate kid –Jackie,Jayden

For once Jackie Chan has been honored with a role worthy of him other than his monk eying tactics and comical fighter stereo style in previous movies.

This is a movie to encourage young masters in the art of oriental meditative kung fu, other than the violent stunts that are being taught these days of criminal thuggering and martial arts.

It is a mix of two cultures, and adjustments, it brings back the way the master encourages hard work, by surfacing the anger inside the disciple into discipline.

Every frame has been done with utmost thought, and the most important is Jackie acts as the humble but firm Master. It takes time for the mind to accept that, and write hard on the previous recordings.

The child artist Jayden Smith, has all the makings of his papa Will Smith, whose role I have adored in” I am legend”, I never knew it was his child , but I could guess his relationship in thought, by his eyes and physical similarities.

Jackie shows the role of the master/papa in hesitation wonderfully in gestures. we see a different role of him in act than in action , though it is also there in a few wonderful moves, which he brings out in the kid, and the way he snuffles the air out of the bullying kids.

The duels in the Dojo with the Sensais in the side were natural, with emotions, and am sure it will bring back scenes in ones life if he/she was a karateka.

There is so much to say, about the trainings, like the jacket off, jacket on, pole moves, bell kick, and all the simple looking difficult movements of kung fu.

The air of china could literally be sniffed within the theatre, during the climb to the Yin Yan temple and runs on the china wall.

If only we had a way of seeing the moves within the mind of the child artist, I am sure there will be much to express, of the inner training that happens which bring on the outer strength.

A movie to be seen with the kids, we did with ours.

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Yoda said...

Jackie Chan has been good for kids from the start, showing violence should be used only for self-defense and anger best turned to humour for control.

And he's getting better at it with each movie. I have to see this one.