Friday, 16 July 2010

Knight and Day (2010) [* * * *]

A light-hearted action film very much like a Bond, but better - just one woman. What was also unusual was the chemistry between the two! I didn't expect that.

Tom Cruise, 48, was never a favorite of mine, but growing old seems to suit him - his high energy edginess is now laced with a tenderness that's wonderful to see on screen. Cameron Diaz at 38 played a very dizzy blonde to perfection (reminded me of Goldie Hawn). Worth watching if you're looking for uncomplicated distraction.


venkhat said...

i remember goldie hawn, large eyes bonda cheeks and bubbles of energy unaware of the next line of words.

Yoda said...

Haha, yeah, fabulous eyes and smile.:)