Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Take a shot of vaccine, or get shot by a gun

Have u ever thought why a vaccine is called as a shot?

If u have ever read up the ingredients in them then u would know, if not then u could learn from the voice of Malawi, which reported that kids got measles vaccine at the point of a gun, when they had evaded the previous attempt at vaccinating them.

How benevolent of the pushers of vaccine into the dark continent for the welfare of those jungled folk.

Let us stop and think , why?

Start from the ingredients, use the search engines, as the journals and magazines and medical books will not have them, nor will the pharma representatives know what is in the products they promote.

If the answers do not kindle in u a spark to know the truth, well i will not give up, i may try another way to make folks see the label on the vaccines, which require a magnifying glass to decipher.

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