Thursday, 28 July 2011

A love kick to a lazy bum

The clouded breezy evening was pleasant, a boy and his sister were on a bicycle, the sister at the back,on the carrier seat, they were talking away and the boy was pedaling away to the movement of the sister's sway.

There was this buffalo, sitting and quietly chewing the cud, on the road side, blissfully unaware of the little traffic of an occasional cyclist and a 4 wheeler.

It was suddenly brought to reality with an accidental kick from the girl on the bicycle, when the boy and girl passed the cattle, how i missed to turn and see that look on the face of the buffalo, i laughed at the sight as i was just behind, and the kids took up the infectious laughter.

If only the buffalo had the gift of laughter, he would have joined us too for that love kick on his bum.

May be he got enlightened, with a hit from the zen master.

1 comment:

Shaz said...

haha, good one!! That girl is so naughty! :)