Thursday, 21 July 2011

Leech the leechers with coriander

Our air, water and food are toxic, thanks to many an industry, and to the folks who turn a blind eye to those who are destroying the world.

Many of the modern day syndromes that are affecting us, are due to the heavy metal toxicity, and the researchers quietly turn away searching for reasons they will not accept.

In the country side we still rarely get the local variety of coriander, which is aromatic compared to the hybrid variety that is long and large leafed, and dull to the sense of smell.

This has been found to leech away the heavy metal, mercury from the tissues, and with the help of more organic food and a healthy life style, who knows may be many a Multiple sclerosis, a parkinsonistic or an Alzheimer patient may get back to normalcy in time, and prevent others from getting them.

This variety of herb can be used to make chutney, or dress a salad, or mixed with curries, they go great with any dish.

Have a herbal dinner with coriander.

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Shaz said...

Henceforth, I am going to have more corianders.