Thursday, 28 July 2011

Is America rich or poor?

In our village we have a slogan passed through generations" do not get a loan to build a high raise home"

May be that is one reason we continue to live in simple farm,or urban homes.

The alternative media announces the amount of money America borrows every hour, 188 million to be close, if that country is at war and spending lavishly, is that nation rich or poor?

If we consider them as rich either they are stealing or making money from thin air, or have decided not to pay back the borrowing.

Now they are going to raise the ceiling for borrowing,well why not they cut the spending that is the basic rule for economics, it will not only affect the citizens of America, but all the people across the globe, every ammunition blasted is going to be payed for by all of us.

The poor rich nation America.

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Shaz said...

The rich are really poor for all tat they need/want much more than the rich poor!!