Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sex is gen(d)eral

Some new movies have shattered the shit out of me!
I saw Delhi Belly and Murder2.

Frankly speaking, they show a kiss as a way of saying hello!
And sex as a way of kissing casually!

The movies were adult, so I shouldn't be really so worked up about it.
But heck! Wasn't Arth in the 1980's an adult movie?
An adult movie should be adult, an adult theme, a mature story line, a non commercial sensible cinema.
But what was this?
Obscene and vulgar and crass and brazen and belly wrenching horrible violence!!

Both movies misled by their makers and names!
To think about it, its a nice idea, first back up your filth in a nice movie, meaning show a Murder and a 3 idiots and then release the filth.. the people will have expectations with regards to the previous films and your filth also fetches you the revenue!

And I think, if you make this kind of movies, you should be responsible enough not to show trials of it on national television. So many have argued, they are showing facts, and these things are common nowadays, be in sync with the times!! What times? Times such as these where sex before marriage is just another peck in the cheek? yucks!!

Movies are a mirror to society, and I do agree that times have changed, but this is a little more than exaggerating!
My fear is that the exaggeration will become a reality, because it is what people will start believing and following!!
Youngsters are gaga over the movie, they think now they have got the permission to do what they always secretly wanted! Its as if the animal instinct has been given free rein, and then there is no stopping you!!

PS. Both got a 4 and 3.5 star rating.
Disclosure: Maybe I am primitive!


Furhan Masood said...

Since this movie was made in bollywood, suddenly people start to have problems with the content of the film. If this was made in hollywood one would have appreciated it (as we take for granted that hollywood is often stereotyped with bad language and offensive content.)
If one is looking to derive meanings from every film, then you are better off reading books! Why go to the theatres in the first place?
I think the director has done a great job and was brave enough to make a film like this in india where most of the people are self-proclaimed DIGNIFIED HUMAN BEINGS (they don't abuse and kiss and cheat on their loved ones') unlike the humans living on the west side. The movie was a reflection of the current youth of our country (their way of talking, dressing up, and etc etc etc...) And I THINK the movie was just filthily funny!!


venkhat said...

There seems to be a generation gap in the movie trend, i am a misfit i am not able to digest any movies, the violence abhors me, the sex stimulates, and perverts me, the humour is witless and dull for the intellegence.
i think i will stick to cartoons, like the jungle book kind, and not grow up.

may be i have to select, and then go for a movie to change my opinion.

Shaz said...

@ Furhan, well you seem to be quite in sync with the times!
@Venkhat, I do go see movies, and nowadays movies are spoon fed, the violence or the sex leaves nothing to imagination!
Maybe thats why it doesn't stimulate the grey cells enough, to be able to like it!

The Speaker said...

These movies are nothing more than a female body show. They do not show 'real sex', but display it in a more vulgar way. Sex scenes, now-a-days are not adopted by hit movies of Hollywood too! If required, they also show it, of course, not through dancing but in a more practical way.