Monday, 4 July 2011

An exchange of the nano kind

Population reduction, is an agenda, in which many a government, and elite group, and all seem to have in common.

Each one seem to have a way, from genetically manufactured food, to plastic products, chemicals in medicines and vaccines, and many more if one can search for things in the engines.

"Get on to an operating table and then drive away a nano car."

There was a time when India did have forced vasectomies, but things backfired,now with offers of some thing free, in every thing,how about loosing a chance to have a kid, and taking home gifts .

Totally unscrewed, and free rides offered, in Rajastan , north west India.


Shaz said...

Is it really getting to be a serious issue? i mean this population explosion?

venkhat said...

Shazia have u not heard about the the writiings on the Georgia guidestones, and how the elite want to bring down the population to 500, million.

They are adding Polysorbate 80 to vaccines to cut the next generation, and Bisphenol- A in plastics, and human chorionic gonado tropin in tetanus toxoid for the same reason!!

Seeds which self destruct, in agriculture, when consumed, imagine what it would do inside our bodies.

Yoda said...

I know for a fact that IISc is doing animal experiments with American funding for a male sterilization drug - a male birth control pill (since such research is banned in the first world).

Unfortunately most of the monkeys were getting permanently sterilized by even a few doses.

It was to be released for widespread use (more like human experiment) in India in 2011-15. Lets see.

venkhat said...

Yoda, i cannot thank enough to folks like u who have helped, in sharing and showing a path to reality which is soooo scary, that i do want to do what i can even though i cannot sit to watch some of the program mes.

tooo scientific, but enough to shake any one.

There is this one Dr David Ayoub, on mercury and autism, and depopulation in Google videos.

Yoda said...

I've been reading about the influential 'The China Study', venkhat, that's changed hundreds of elite athletes like Frank Mir, Mac Danzig, Jake Sheilds into vegetarians, almost vegan.

The book exposes the fraud perpetuated on the world by WHO and big governments to forcefed animal protein and milk. See if you have the time to read it.

Yoda said...

Ty for the mercury/vaccine link, gardner. I think like Colin Campbell of 'The China Study', you're a hero to speak your mind without fear on what is real and true. More power to you.:)

venkhat said...

Yoda thanks for that china study link.
I am trying to think vegan, except for that rare treat of butter on bread that i love, and that leather belt, which i will switch when this gets worn, and that occasional curd rice when there is nothing else and i am hungry.

Yoda said...

My friends and I have often argued that there is no pure vegan in the world, venkhat, we're all only on the road towards it.

Even white rice carries traces of rats killed in the process of dehusking by machine. As much as we do to prevent suffering, its a long road to the destination of ahimsa.