Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Disgrace on the covers

The American Constitution is being shredded in pictures and words, on the covers of the Time magazine, and yet the magazine is being allowed on the stands, with the words " does it still matter".

The constitution is the highest authority of the land, and it is happening , it may be a piece of paper , but it is the representation of a land and COUNTRY.

Listening to the editor on the "morning joe" Richard Stengel, he seems to be in a hurry to vomit what he has in his guts, to follow his bosses.

He knows very well he will not be penalised for his thoughts as they are not his, but those of his rulers .

If the citizens of the land can tolerate it and still carry on their lives, u have no laws,and only those that can be bent to the wishes of the invisible.

U are loosing your liberty, and no one to care for u - run man run to where ever u can,but out before u find yourself barbed.

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