Monday, 3 October 2011

Hormonal harmony through a curry

There is a passing over tradition, in our village where the newly married couple are invited by the cousins for dinner.

The slim kiddy looking couple are well fed, for their prosperity in body and mind and spirit, and a healthy well being of their future generations.

The original dishes have been forgotten and now all the latest junk has been added.

Some families do continue traditional vegetarian dishes of sweets, made from country sugar,rice and sambar, with drum stick, and radish, mashed brinjals as a side dish, unripe banana as a vegetable , and bananas as a fruit to end up.

Drum stick has been found to have an androgenic effect, and the brinjals as has been rightly termed as the egg plants has oestrogenic properties.

These keep the body balanced and the necessary effects brought on.

It is a pity that plant flavinoids are irresponsibly added to food and the hormones imbalanced,that we have to seek external help for normal coquettish attitudes, and chemical medicines for natural reproductive acts.


Shazia said...

Some elderly people say, brinjals are bad for digestive system!!
is it not true?

venkhat said...

I do not think they are bad for the digestive system, but many are allergic to that protein, bringing on urticaria and itching.

They make a great vegetable for mixed vegetable curry with dal.