Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cholam -offers a nutritious dosa

We south Indians are famous for our dosais and idlies, made with rice dough, you will find even in Srinagar,push carts selling the masala dosais.

This evening my lady made cholam dosais, she normally gets the cholam and has them milled.

Today was an exception we got a packet of ready made flour of cholam and she made a blend of this and urud dal, the dough was quickly done with the addition of water, fermentation is required in this preparation, she added onions and chillies and salt to taste

The dinner was tasty with a side dish of coconut chutney.


Prabakar said...

Dear Yoda mam, Venkat and the blog team,

(Belated) Wish you all a Very Happy Deepawali.

venkhat said...

thanks and u too mr prabakar, hope u and the whole family had a splendid time.