Friday, 28 October 2011

Guarded -for a safe pineal gland

There was this feeling in me, what has my rambling and ranting on fluoride got to do with our indian bindi.

We in india have a tradition of our women folk keeping the bindi, and even men keeping a mark on the forehead, each one has a reason, and some a custom through the family.

Those who have religious contact and those with meditative skills, have pointed that there is a spot between the eye brows that is important,which is the command centre, it needs to be guarded and strengthened.

Now the anatomist say there is a gland called the pineal which has connections to past present and future--- oh sounds too fantastic.

What ever the manifestations, the fluoride seems to accumulate in that gland, which makes a person dull and obedient, so for the best of the pineal gland, we shall avoid toxicating ourselves with fluoride, and if we have it already calcified, it will get gone with exercise,good fresh food and lots of sun shine on our head.

Let us get to keep reading,stay cautious, and be aware for a meditative healthy life.


shazia masood said...

do we need sunshine on the middle forehead or should be keep the forehead covered with the bindi or the hair??

venkhat said...
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venkhat said...

For those who are not used to the customs, simple exercises,good food, and avoiding the fluoride would do.

Each one for their own methods, u can have the bindi( like u love to have )
or cover the head with the shawl.