Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Education has become a mugging business

The number of vehicles conveying students to institutions has multiplied so much in this village, that is has become a sight seeing affair for many to watch children, and their parents pack somnambulistic kids with last minute lunch boxes being packed and hurried to school .

The college buses too are plying from far away towns to gather their students.

The transport departments have made a rule to write slogans of caution and ecological reminders on the transports." save rain water", " children inside drive carefully".

At times i wish the vehicles had such slogans written at eye level to the drivers too, they are like the fast track racers.

The teaching institutions have come up across the fields of farms like crops, with semester yield.

There was a young chap i asked , how is his coaching at his institution, ohh very fitting to the name sir!!!! i was puzzled and he explained, Study, Revise and Vomit.

Fitting to the initials of the institute,but they are the ones who yield the best scores, naturally, flogging and mugging brings the highest grades.

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