Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vanishing birds, bees and butterflies

Our garden had always been a space where the birds and the butterflies used to come to play hide and seek,and the bees make their hive, it has been a constant source of chattering, fluttering and humming.

Things are changing now with us having to seek and search for them, the bees do not seem to like our lush greenish trees any more , the butterflies do not sense our fragrant flowers and rich pollen, the birds do not see our coconut shell bird bath and the seeds of rye and millet.

Where have they all gone? are they on a strike to make us realise our happiness was with their presence, and this realisation with their absence.

What should we do to get them back to our homes, and gardens, if only they had an agent of communication to show us the way to get to their hearts.

" come back, oh come back, to make us feel your humms again."

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