Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Calendral confusions on letterheads

We have always been taught to date our writings, to let us know when we had thougtwaves or have written to friends and cousins.

Having different nationalities and directions, our dates and months could easily be confused.

I had made a change to this, a long time back when i myself could not make out what month and date it was on a certain situation.

5 -10 -2011, could mean 10 Th of May, or 5 Th of October, depending if u are in United States or in India.

How it would be if we were taught to write our date, month and year, for us to know it right when we shift continents, or the sheet shifts.

From tomorrow how would u write?


Shazia said...

I always write with the day as number, and name the month and usually the year in 4 digits!!

venkhat said...

Goody,Shazia now i have another thing to learn, 4 digits for the year, for the benefit of future generations who will see our words, in later centuries.