Saturday, 29 October 2011

If fine is fine why refine?

Anything that is nutritious in food, is bound to get destroyed with time.

If we understand this then we would not fall into the trap ofthe advertising tradesman gimmicks, of refining tactics, to improve the shelf life of many a product of normal usage on the rack.

The word refine has gone very deep into our mind,as if meaning, it has done some thing very good for our system.

We must understand that our bodies are made to assimilate things of nature in that form, if we in our intelligence, think we can bye pass that for better usage,then we need to get prepared for the many new problems it brings on.

The list of refined products in our food , starts with the flour, sugar, salt, oil and with it all the products which need preservatives , fruits and vegetables.

Mother nature seems to be taking the insult pretty quietly.

May we look at refined products with caution.

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