Saturday, 1 October 2011

Honesty attracts disasters

From the days of Jesus to the present times of Osho, with a variety of them in-between, have always attracted attention for their honesty, and have paid for it dearly with their lives , a loss to those around, and for times in memory to come.

Socrates could never keep quiet, he brought out questioning attitudes to the younger generations, to make them wise, and bring on disaster to himself with poison.

Some wise ones realized that and have always kept silent, non interfering to the surroundings, yet instilling wisdom to the ones around, like Ramana Maharishi and Yogi Ram surathkumar.

There were those laughing saints who laughed themselves away and kept aloof from danger, in the far east.

I wonder what kept these holy ones, to keep making these famous wordings, to bring on hatred for themselves.

What ever the reason,one thing is confirmed, Honesty is never a good policy.

It Attracts.


Shazia said...

Interesting thing about any good thing is.. that it attracts!!

Prabakar said...

Contrary, but very true to current scenario

venkhat said...

may be u can say, with some examples to show your mind and heart Prabakar