Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Remembering the proctologist

There are many ways and situations, when we tend to remember persons or things.

Let me share with u mine.

On the other side of the western ghats, on the door way to Kerala near Coimbatore is  Palghat.

Many remember it for different reasons, some for the sudden change in climate from our warm temperature, the beautiful look and costumes of the land, the tantric helpers of the malampula dam and its gardens, the BPL Nambiars of Chandranagar colony and their factories, and me for a proctologist with a Krishna statue at their hospital complex.

Some one in our family had originally had their bee hind operated there and the tradition has stuck on , if any one has a worry at the end part of the gut, u need to visit palghat.

So there i was taken to see the family surgeon and a day and time was fixed, and operated on.

The nambiar friend could not believe, " but why here ?"   oh  there are no reasons , when things of tradition follow.

So here i am still remembering my proctologist, daily or when i am in a hurry , rushing to the loo, for that loss of a bit of sphincter, he had to take to heal me of my worry then .

Ohhh  if only he had spared that sphincter.

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