Monday, 9 July 2012

Thou shall not admire

We have past memories for paying a fine , for being late, or not finishing a record on time,forgetting to pay a bill, or any thing stupid.

Now meaning full things are being fined and one such episode is when a policeman fined a handsome driver for eyeing a beauty on the road.

Good lord a driver who admires a beauty, but who still has not yet done any road in-disciplining activity!

If this is not going to be objected , no women would get noticed, and that would be a shame for all the make up and beautifying acts that they go to large measures to do.

Or may be practise using our abductor eye muscles well, and our 6th cranial nerve into action.

Do u English men have to accept all rules and not retaliate at least for the sake of the women.

May be we can add one more commandment to the ones already present..

Thou shall not admire a women on the roadside while driving.

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