Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A market in our bank

It was just another Tuesday morning , gathering our pass books we ventured into our bank this morning, to find the entrance full of slippers like it is at marriage halls or temples.

We were forewarned that the bank is full and there is no standing space, we entered the banking hall, and there it was full  and over flowing, not knowing what was the event, i slowly but hesitatingly enquired a teller to be told the public was here to collect their pensions.

The public normally got their old age pensions at their home through the passing postman, but it seems some one has been complaining that the postal people are taking away a portion of their money, so now the banks have got added work, and  the banking folks have to move away or search for other sectors to do their banking.

 If this is going to go on every month, some one is going to get very angry, or there is going to be a strike.

Something drastic has to happen to bye pass this government scheme through the bank, for the welfare of the workers in the bank.

We are with the bankers.

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