Monday, 16 July 2012

Mix up - causes a mishap

Salem junction is  a medium sized simple railway station with little traffic of trains and people.

At 1 pm there is a train from Bangalore to  Nagoor, at  1.30 pm there is a train from Nagoor to Bangalore both arriving at the same platform.

How ever clearly the announcements are made , one is bound to board the first train , those Bangalorians who want to get back home or see a loved one in that anxious state of travel.

I have seen the hurried ones leave  the boarded wrong train earlier, and such a mishap happened again last afternoon.
Someone stopped the just started train,as a lady had hurriedly wanted to get down from the wrongly boarded train,there was a crush injury and  the middle aged lady survived, with a deep wound.

With the help of the guard and others, we got her on to the platform and gave her a drink and got back some decency to her appearance, called her relatives on line and waited for the ambulance.

I forgot my trade.

If this should not happen again , the Bangalore bound train must be sent off first
and the less crowded  Nagoor train held to be flagged away later, or best get those two trains to different platforms, and split them.

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