Tuesday, 10 July 2012

When u can't win 'em join them

I have always been trying to bring out the worst in the vaccine for the concern of the general public, the effect was  pity,  not noticed or side lined or worse, being questioned "how could u be right?"
Now i have switched sides and so the title of the article.

The craze now in our village is slimming, many a child, man and women are on different programmes, some trotting away in a field, others step counting on the terraces, still others drinking herbs and shakes and concoctions from far away lands.

In all these one has to work to sweat it out physically or from the purse.

Not any more.

I heard that they were coming out with a new line of jab against obesity , wow  one side they promote junk food and the other side they have a jab to counter the effects.

The one question every patient enquires is "what can i eat," as  no one knows the answer to that question, the only reply would be " what ever  u want, medicines would take over all worries" .

The end result would be a flabby obese one with the lickings of all the junk food that is marketed, oh don't u worry now we have a vaccine for the obese, it acts against the somatostatin.

What a result, a quick fix shot for the worried super size.

Roll up  your sleeves those who can , or pull down your pants, get shot.

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Yoda said...

It's a real shame what allopathy has become. The pharma companies will probably soon own the fast food chains - this is their opening salvo before the merger.