Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Trapped to be freed

We do not know the  tunes of the piper, nor have the heart to get the poisons, there was a suggestion of getting a cat to keep away the rats, but the hunting cats dragging the victims was way beyond us to bear.

So we decided on the trap do get the rats in our home.

We got one from Salem kutti bazzar, and set up the first trap with tomatoes, hoping against hope to find the  rat next morning, we found the tomato gone!

Not to be lost , my lady tried with a coconut , only to be gobbled away,   hmmm  so she tried again using more sophisticated tactic of sleuth in her new trade.

We caught the first one yesterday and , we went off  on a trip to let him out into the sun shine on the outskirts of our village.

There was another repetition of the same act this morning.

The census of rats at home are coming down.

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