Friday, 6 July 2012

Choking oneself to live

The dress code was a tie, belt and shoes, it was the way the school days moved in that hill station where the climate was cool ,and the teachers were Anglo Indians,who taught us to look smart, and get to know the ways of the world in studies, games, manners and discipline.

Coming down from the hills to live in this summer heat reaching above 100 f and still getting to be in a tie to maintain that English style was what  i thought was choking one self to live.

That was when i remembered , " when in Rome be a roman," i just added, " and dress like one".

Earlier it was to prevent that chill wind from entering that gap above the shirt button,now things have changed so much that the dress remains, and we get to have that chillness flow in thro' the air conditioners.

Well one gets to change with the rulers, and their left over styles.

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