Thursday, 19 July 2012

An anxious elephant crushes an ant for security reasons

The power of the elephant lies in its greatness and not using it for destruction,but when it does it causes ruin for itself and others.

The american bully has been known for what it is in the past few decades, for its arrogance and its stupidity in hiding itself in the sand.

We Indians feel it now with the shooting of a fishing craft, in the middle east shores.

The target practise with video games has got prizes for the american  navy, with insults from across the world, with some singing bye bye american pie while shooting at targets far across the globe sitting within safe quarters.

Shame on the cowardly soldiers.

The Mesopotamian civilisation has been ruined , others are on the way.

Each one of us can give them punishments in their own way ,
making their own sanctions on american goods ,tourism's, shunning things and letting them know where they stand.

May those with a keyboard type to let silent dead hearts to beat the Americans of their doings.

Let it not be just another incident , and let bye gone things be bygone.

Let us not just drink to forget the shootings, with a cheer " down with the americans" while nations continue to bleed of their cultures and their homes.


Yoda said...

Their karma will catch up, venkhat. That's all I can say with the rage that boils in me against this killing nation. Ghengis Khan couldn't have been prouder of his work than they are.

"The footage is the latest clip to emerge on LiveLeak which could embarrass the US Army."

Nothing embarrasses these hardened butchers.

venkhat said...

Thanks for sharing , my feelings too.