Thursday, 6 June 2013

A cradle in the bus

The entertainment on the road side is wonderful as usual, with the grayish clouds , just getting ready to drizzle, the pedestrians moving swiftly to reach home, the large 4 way road looking like a run way for the express bus on the highway.

The seat in the 3rd row of the front of the bus , gave a three way view of the scenery  moving on the Coimbatore - Salem
highway, i asked the conductor why we were going slow , was it the speed limit or some thing wrong, he looked into his calculator like  ticket puncher , and said the problem was the bus.

Well there was no other way but enjoy the views, each frame being drunk and  savored, when i suddenly turned and noticed a fellow passenger enjoying a lovely nap, blissfully unaware of the crowd or the lovely scenery flowing by on his window /exit passage.

Only to awaken at his stop.

Must have been a full day of hard work,and a good lunch.

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