Saturday, 22 June 2013

A bow to the Native Indians - or of what is left of them

A long time ago in standard 4( as it was called then) , our class of around 36 were divided into two and named as " Cow Boys" and " Red Indians".

The marks were for discipline, curricular and extra curricular activities, and some skills.

I was a cow boy and my second cousin was a red skin, they always seemed to do better, which was some how not acceptable , as the movies we got to see on Wednesdays , occasionally were the cow boy pictures  with the heroes like Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood and Gregory peck, the cow boys always won , and the natives were always shown to be the wrong doers.

I got to wear a pair of moccasin, some years back , and later realised ,that was what the natives wore in spite of all the other differences they had between the tribes.

I had a lucky  talk with a native indian on a wild chat in the open channels of irc ,and another who married one,  and i got to change that term after i was corrected at the kodaikanal meet, of a re union, calling them Red Indians.
I got a chance to read on some of their culture and civilizations, bless them and what they have saved of their culture for the future generations to come, of their wonderful past with such respect for the enviroment.

Those who respect Nature are my friends even though they are strangers, and far away .

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