Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A paragraph of lies in our text books

A child  trusts his teacher , more than his parents at home, we see that in the school premises, where the rich famous  parent begs the teacher to put in a word, as the child refuses to accept his understanding.

We have been ingrained in that way , and when there is a wrong word or a saying of mistrust  done purposefully  by the masters, who are the makers of our needs in a variety of businesses, through our teacher, then who would make a correction. We  trust them much.

When one just works for the government agency in matters of health , one looses one sense of individual assessment , or if one does, it would get him to a state of whistle blowing , which would end in professional suicide, a disaster for the family and career.

Generally speaking one could go on , but coming to the point of hurt , it comes down to the centers who make the rules, that make the print as the order.

In this case the study on the flu.

In our village the  seasonal flu is never taken as some thing big and a case for treatment, unless the patient is adamant and has made up his mind for a shot of medicines.

I was astonished myself first, but it works. simple herbal decoctions ,rest, vegetable soup, and the meat broth,  for those who do not have difficulties with the meat as medicine.

One asked me , i agree with other things , but why the meat, u who advocate vegetarianism, i said  meat is bad and it releases such toxins in its digestion, that the flu virus  runs away with the toxins released or gets destroyed  by them and the natural immune system takes over.

So it is time we have ways to see what our teachers  in print bluff us with our trust in them .


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