Friday, 21 June 2013

Spicy cauliflower elampillian

There are many a traditional dish that could go with an oil less roti for  the occasion, but the cauliflower was decided.

Normally the coconut is shredded

, and along with the other spices blended to a paste and let to boil in the curry paste,we are avoiding the cooking of coconut

The ingredients were turmeric, small onions, garlic and ginger, curry powder and chili powder.

The small onions were first peeled and cut up, next on the board were the garlic peeled and crushed, cleaned and chopped  ginger root and blended, the paste keep ready .

The cauliflower was cleaned and chopped , put into the iron cooking pot after the initial oil and cereals roasting up , the spice paste was added and  left to cook.

The results are the pictures, we had it with rice in the after noon and with rasam,and in the evening the left overs went with oil less chappatis.

Try and relish the dish,and again when the heart asks for a re - do.

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