Monday, 24 June 2013

Loosing our lunacy to the full moon

They say that the word lunacy come from the lunar - moon, it has been blamed as one that brings on those effects in a person.

It is like the broom being  blamed as the cause of  the collection of dirt in a room.

May be that is one reason why our fore fathers decided to  get one to do exhaustive physical work on those days, so that the lunar effects could be channeled to a sweat and its mental effects not noticed, and still bring on an inner cleansing.

A walk around a hillock or a self proclaimed  project, on those days.

Strange but good reasoning,  better than being taken to a psychiatrist or for an exorcism  through an exorcist, or more things, of subjugation

May we get to use the loony days of full moon, for the beneficial effects of  liberating hidden resources within, by mystics who have worked on such channels.

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