Sunday, 23 June 2013

A dialogue with a crow

It was another of those days of wonder and travel, waiting at a station for the train,they all seem to be running to time these days.

There was this waddling child, careless and free, seeing things with multi - senses, and yet alert.

It seemed to be talking to itself and making faces, and then we noticed there perched on the iron rails on the top was a crow.

The crow seemed to carry on the flow, as it has found one who could reciprocate its feelings, without shooing it away , and  not imitating its own non- voco chordal


This went on for some moments, and looked like they had settled to carry on  later as they had got some audience with disturbance.

I wonder where we had lost this rapport we had, on our way to knowledge and degrees of certificates.

May be there could be a way of getting it back, and yet retain the sciences.

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