Thursday, 20 June 2013

Food poisoning - a calamity in the loo

I have always thought that i am fully unhygenic , born here and living around filthiness,nothing could make me get any problem.

I always felt sorry for the class mates who are in the west and come back for a holiday and refusing any thing bought on the road side and taking only bottled mineral water, very cautious to prevent being poisoned with stale spoilt food.

I had a taste of it this week ,it was a simple idly, sambar, chutney dinner from a local restaurant, and  ohhh it was  a rumbling  night, and a heavy morning, and a day spent with multi visits to the loo, and not to be just happy that my insides was getting an over haul, i was getting tired, something i have not realised for a long time if i could remember.

My mind was playing games, how stupid i was with taking what ever i wanted and when ever i wanted, and how much ever i wanted and what ever time it was and more ..

I felt i was getting very wise and strong with convictions i will be cautious from now on .

So it was tender coconut water , butter milk and curd rice and a repetition of the same for another day , to become well and ok for work the next.

Oh for those poisoners of food, but nothing happens to them , just shows our body  immune system is sharp, to kick out the bad things from inside.

My poor tummy, and bee hind.

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