Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Brown bread with banana jam

I have always had a passion for wholesome wheat bread from my school days, and a day was never complete without bread.

Such is my affinity with it that in the hostel days I was ridiculed as one who eats bread when well, a thing that is prescribed to folks who are sick.

In our village a bakery has come up which offers brown bread, though not fully wholesome, but at least a welcome change from the fully Maida white bread.

Those who know venkhat know me as bread and butter combination, well I sure do like to change that.I am into south Indian village food, bread and butter at rare times, as I am trying hard to go vegan without any dreams of dairy products.

We have been using a lot of country brown sugar and we had tried to make a jam with it and ripe bananas.

Preparation time - 5 minutes

Ripe bananas and country brown sugar go into the blender and vroom vroom

Ready to serve. Tastes great, and just like custard pudding, the next day with an over night stay at the fridge.

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