Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Kolli hills -Enriches

Kolli is still a place of natural beauty.

This is a hill resort that has not yet been plundered of its treasures.100kms from salem in tamil nadu India

If u are one who plans to keep it so I will share many a secret in between the lines of my words, if not u wont find them.

Many a place in our traditional temple spots have things of value, but go unnoticed if we follow the crowd.This is a hill station which has many a picturesque spot, natural water ways and places of voodoo magic of the local variety.

The Arapaleeswarar temple which is the dead end for a roadway, is a must see spot, for those who are not into religion, the scenery will make one so.( no need to go into the temple)

Close to the temple is a downward walk which takes one to a water fall,(1000 steps) just picture the Jurassic Park movie helicopter touch down at the start of the movie, similar.

The 300 feet drop is scary and the water spray at the bottom at a distance is terrific.

I have seen it at both regions at different times.

Here are caves of interests and spots to sit quietly to feel the vibes of things of different nature.

Mountain streams, with herbs of qualities of mysterious specialties , growing along the banks , the still raw natural ways of the forest make this place a worthy visit.

It has a lot of hair pin bends, so check on the driving skills of the cabby, lest u want to get lost in the down ward forest.

Don’t rush, see if u can get a place to stay, and find what u are looking for, some are lucky to show them a way.


sriganeshh said...

i heard about this..can u provide details of how to reach there with any lodging facility for overnight stay..if any

venkhat said...

Hello Sri, this is a 100 kms drive from salem, other closer towns are namakkal and rasipuram.
If u plan to go up in a bus these 3 places offer u a ride, in those small mountain buses.
If u are planning to take a cab, u can go up to rasipuram and get directions to sendamangalam, and it is up from there.
i had stayed with sanyasins, when i had gone.
u can get accomodation at semmedu at a resort called NALLATHAMBI
i can give u more details if u like.

sriganeshh said...

hi venkhat,
thanks for the info.
would like to have more info...u can mail me in case if it is out of place here.


manima said...

Please visit our website to know about a camp.