Sunday, 14 March 2010

From Halogenations to Hallucination - Fluoride

A long time ago public water works department did studies on our well water and decided it was not fit for consumption for drinking, as it had lots of organic fluoride.( we Ellampillaians have yellowish teeth, hearts of gold and bags too)

For a long time, public water works departments all over the world, are adding fluoride to drinking water, in the inorganic form.

It has been told that this halogen is toxic, and some how the dental department has got the whole world into thinking that it will stop dental decay. They don’t touch the diet as the cause of dental decay, and the acidic ph which gets the organisms to attack the dental enamel to cause decay, if they did that they would have to clash with the food industry, they are friends.

Why is it that we are hallucinating? Accepting this stupid idea that adding fluoride to drinking water is good.( hexafluro salicylic acid)

The tooth paste industry, are adding this into their products, not to be left out in this idiocy of Hitlerish stupidity.( he added that to his prisoners of war, to keep them docile)u think he wanted his prisoners to have strong teeth of fluroapatite protected dental enamel?

A common question at a pediatric clinic, Is there any medicine to keep these kids quiet?

if this is the state of a parent of one child or two, what would be the question of a state which has us all as children?

Well if u want to be sweet,quiet,accepting and yielding to the orders of those around u, drink your fluorinated water and get going , but if u are the rebellious type, search and u may get an alternative spring to quench your thirst.

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